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Welcome to the Thin Client Citrix Web Portal

This Web Portal is specifically for Mobile Office Private (MOP) users. First-time users should refer to the Thin Client Citrix Web Portal Quick Start Guide.

Please select appropriate farm based on your GI-D User Account domain name.


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Access allowed to Authorised Users only

Access to any of the IT and communication facilities, including this workstation, is controlled. Access is only permitted to those granted specific authority by virtue of their personal registration to one or more of these facilities. Unauthorised use or misuse of these facilities may constitute a breach of the relevant laws and regulations, including without limitation Shell policies, principles, standards, guideline and codes of conduct. Such unauthorised use or misuse may be subjected to legal or disciplinary action. A baseline for acceptable use is provided in the Guideline for the Personal Use of Shell's IT and Communications Facilities, available at In your company additional or stronger rules may have been issued. Certain activities on these facilities are logged and monitored to support information security, facilities management and compliance with laws and regulations. Log-files and monitoring reports are used and deleted in line with regulatory requirements.